Travelling through plane is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. Though the travel service pretty much takes care of everything when you travel by plane, it still would do you good if you knew a little about the flight details of your next trip.

Ferihegy or Budapest International Airport is Hungary’s biggest airport and it is just 16km away from the city center. It has two terminals: Ferihegy-1 which is the smaller one that is used by smaller airlines and Ferihegy-2 the more spacious terminal that carries all destinations in the Schengen Area. Hungary’s flag airline carrier is the MALEV and it carries flights from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and all countries in Europe.

Now, you’ve just landed on Ferihegy airport. How will you get to the city center and to your place of stay? Easy. There are a lot of transport options for airport transfer. You can just take your pick on whatever one suites you. If you want to go by taxi, then you would take the Fotaxi. This is the sole legal taxi operator at the Ferihegy airport. The system is you get a quote to your destination before you even get into the vehicle, this way you will know what you need to pay in order to be taken there. Then you only pay when you’ve arrived, of course. For a less expensive option, you can try the minibus. There is an minibus service at the airport that takes passengers from Ferihegy that will be going on the same route, then they take you wherever you need to go. You may even call service if you need to go from the city to the airport. It’s like a car pool that you just can call when you need to go somewhere.

There are also much cheaper alternatives than the taxi and minibus and there are the through the railway or by bus.

So you have faster commute, more convenient way of travel and numerous airport transfer options. Travelling by flight to Budapest is probably the best option for travel. And the best part: During the Budapest Winter Invitation of MALEV airlines which is from December to March, they offer discounted flight fares to Budapest from international destinations and they even give hotel discounts from partner companies.

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