When traveling in a foreign city, it is also good to try out their public transportation and not just resort to taxis and car rentals. You will really be given a taste of the city you are visiting if you get to experience how the locals do it. When in Budapest, it will also be good to try out the bus. There are a lot that you can get from this experience. You get to interact with other passengers, you get to see the city in a different way and the best part is you get to spend less for this means of transportation and get to save up.

Riding a bus may be confusing for a first timer though especially in a foreign city. You don’t know the routes and you are not familiar with the stops. You may not be even understand the names on the buses and the directions that are printed on the buses. Fear not, though you don’t know how to speak Hungarian you will be able to understand the directions posted on bus stops as there are English translations that can be found below it. But if everything is still confusing, you could always just ask.

If however you are one of those travelers that are not keen to asking people for directions, then you can just do your research, read up about this and know everything that you can before your trip.

The good thing about Budapest though is that their buses’ numbering system are easy to follow so you really won’t be that lost even if it’s just your first time. And there are even another type of bus that they call the trolley-bus which run through Pest. What’s great about it is one of their routes is along the City Park and the Andrássy út so you’ll be able to see the magnificent views of the city. So, prepare yourself for a unique experience and get on that city bus.

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