Travel to Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is becoming a favorite vacation spot for tourists. It welcomes 20 million tourists each year. It has something for everybody: a vibrant night life, historical and cultural spots, and green parks. The city is even coined as a “Little Paris.”

You will also not run out of places to visit and sights to see in the city. You will find most of the city’s attractions on Castle Hill in Buda and in the downtown part of Pest. Yes Buda and Pest are two of the city’s districts.

Among the lovely places that you can visit on these two districts are Royal Palace, which is the most popular tourist spot found on Caste Hill; Fisherma’s Bastion; various museums like Aquincum, an open-air museum, the Music Museum, Military Museum and even a Pharmacy Museum; St. Stephen’s Basilica; and The State Opera House.

One attraction that is a must-see is the Andrássy út Boulevard in the district of Pest. It has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Aside from these attractions there are also a lot of things to do in this vibrant city. As Budapest is known as a popular spa city, you will find a lot of “baths” all over the city. This custom can actually be traced to their Turkish ancestry. Going to the baths is a thing that is not to miss when in Budapest. You can also witness the various festivals that are celebrated like the Sziget Festival and Spring Festival.

This huge city has a lot in store for every tourist, you are surely to enjoy your vacation with all the options you can choose from. You can even experience all of it and visit all of the attractions and take part in all the activities. For sure you are in for a most memorable trip.

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