Walking Tours

The best way to explore the city is on foot. You will only able to see all the great intricacies of the city’s architecture, the city’s history, art and the city’s secrets if you really get up on your two feet and start walking your way into the city. If you’re just looking at the city through the windows of your car then you won’t be able to see its real beauty.

Same goes for Budapest. That’s why there are a lot of walking tours available in Budapest. This is to give the tourists a chance to get to know the city in the best way possible.

There are some walking tours that come in themes. You can choose one that you are more interested in or better yet you try all of them. One of these is the Jewish Heritage tour. In this walking tour you get to appreciate Budapest’s Jewish district as you get to see the amazing monuments there and you will learn all about its history. Among the places of interest that you will be visiting are the Jewish Musuem, Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, Dohány Street Synagogue and the Holocaust Cemetery.

Another type of walking tour available in Budapest is the Inner City Tour. Here you will explore the beautiful spots in the V. district in Pest. Your starting point of the tour will be in Roosevelt Square where you will see the Chain bridge and it will end at the Kammermayer Square which is the city’s plaza.

The great spots that you will be able to explore in between these two stops are: Church of St Anne; the great views over Buda Hills; two other bridges which are the Liberty Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge; great statues like that of Count István Széchenyi, Ferenc Deák and the Well of the Fishmonger Girl; and great edifices like the Baroque Szervita church, the City Hall, Municipal building and the Gresham Palace where Four Season guests are staying.

There are so many more beautiful places to discover in Budapest and you won’t miss them if you go on these walking tours.

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