Some people enjoy exploring a place on their own with just a map as guide to the beautiful city and to take them to famous sights and attractions. They feel that they get to experience the city more this way. This doesn’t apply to all travelers though. If you are part of this group who is not so keen to rely everything on a map, then the best option for you is going on a tour.

This is another way of exploring a city. It may cost you and some may be a bit expensive but it is truly worth it as you are sure to go to every important spot of the city. Plus you are sure to learn something about each place you visit as the guide will have something to share about it. And most importantly, you will never get lost if you go with a tour group. That is unless you stray away from the group, then you are in big trouble.

There are different types of tours that you can participate in while in Budapest. There is a walking tour, where as the name suggest go to all of the places included by walking there. In this type of tour, the places that are included are usually just close to each other. You may be going to just a number of places in one area. Of course, the tour guides wouldn’t want to tire you out going from one district to another.

Another type is the bus tour. This is the most common and perhaps the most popular. Obviously, you would ride on a bus to get from one destination to another. This way you get to visit many places that are from different areas of the city. You can say that can explore a city more this way as you are able to cover a wide area of the place.

While walking tours may be considered as a more intimate tour as you get to really see the entire tour up close, the bus tours a bit more general and focus more on each spot. Whatever tour you choose to get in, it all depends on the type of experience you want to get out of your travel.

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