Planning for a weekend in Budapest would not be an easy thing to do as the city has a lot in store for you. However, if this is the only time you’ve got to spend in this Hungarian capital, you just have to make sure to visit as much attractions there is in Budapest.

Here are some of those that you should not miss:

The Grand Circus and Amusement Park

Located in the city park, the circus is a great weekend destination, especially for families. Because the performances take place at 10 in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays, you and your kids will still have more time to check out more sights in Budapest. To save more time, it is advised for you to book your tickets in advance.

Budapest Zoo

Still located on the city park, the zoo features various animals that will surely make your day. Since 1866, the zoological garden, which was then under the management of Janos Xantus showcase lovely buildings designed by well-known architects.


Hungarian National Gallery

Situated at the Royal Palace, the Hungarian National Gallery has a number of collections that include several Hungarian arts which will give you a glimpse of how art developed in the country throughout the years. You can check out its permanent exhibitions like those from the Renaissance and Medieval eras.

The gallery is open daily (except on Monday) from 10am through 6pm.

The Castle Quarter

An interesting site to visit on your weekend stay in Budapest, the Castle Quarter was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is the core of the city’s history featuring many of the country’s important historical monuments, the most famous of which is the 700-year old Matthias Church which highlights its Gothic towers. Walking down the quarter’s streets, you will be captivated with the Baroque houses – like transporting you back in time.

Underneath the streets of the Castle Quarter you will find a labyrinth of caves that were used by the German soldiers during the Second World War. Above the ground, you will appreciate the Royal Palace that showcases several museums on its wings. The National Szechenyi Library and the residence of the country’s president are also headquartered in the palace.

These are just a few of the places that you should not miss for a weekend in Budapest. With such a short time, it is important to really make the most of your stay in the city. Seize every moment of your weekend and enjoy its offerings.

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