Long Weekend

Spending a long weekend in Budapest is a perfect opportunity to get a taste of the fabulous offerings in the city. But because it is just a relatively short stay, it’s important to really plan ‘how’ you’d like your vacation to be.

Budapest is often referred to as the “Paris of East” for its architecture that dates in the 19th century; many people also call it the “Pearl of the Danube” because of its breathtaking views. If you are in the city for a long weekend, try to experience its beauty as much as you can.

Day 1

Your first day in the city should be spent letting yourself feel at ease in the city. You can start your exploration with the Budapest History Museum which is located on the Royal Palace’s far side. A great place to get your historical bearings, the museum will help you get to know Budapest. In addition, you will also have a glimpse of the Gothic, Roman, and Turkish history.

After exploring the museum, you can enjoy your dinner at the Karpatia restaurant to give you that traditional Budapest mood. Founded in 1877, the restaurant will enthrall you with its vaulted ceilings and wood paneling, made more interesting with its Gypsy musicians.

Day 2

Your second day in Budapest is better spent by exploring its more recent past. You can try getting on Trabant cars which used to ubiquitous in the city and has now saw it resurfacing. Although the car may seem uncomfortable to ride in, it’s actually a lively and interesting experience to check out Budapest using the Trabbies. Using the traditional car, you can check out the Heroes’ Square, which is a neoclassical piazza remembering the important people of the Hungarian history; the Terror House which is a gracious villa; and the Statue Park which is a theme park inspired from the communist era.

Day 3

Since this will serve as your last day in the city, your third day in Budapest would be great to be spent on Turkish baths – which is really famous among tourists! You can try the offerings at Széchenyi which is on the side of Pest. Its sleek and minimalist features and services will surely thrill you!

The long weekend may not be enough to really explore Budapest but time isn’t really an issue in the city. If you know how to spend your time wisely, you’d surely have no problem enjoying it.

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