Day Trip

Whether you find your way to Budapest by bus, by plane or by train, a twenty-four-hour stay in the capital city of Hungary, considered being the country’s commercial, cultural and industrial center is bound to be a happy trip.

Commuting or simply walking about the city will prove enough to see the massively majestic architecture and sites of the place, since for a city it is just the right size— not too big, not to cramped. Most sites to see are close to each other, and all other places may be reached by public transport.

Budapest can be enjoyed by all: singles, couples, busy-bodies and students. Your day-off must-sees are the Buda Castle, the historical palace complex of all the monarchs of Budapest; Hero’s Square with its Millenium Monument, with statues of the leaders of the seven tribes that founded.

Hungary and other outstanding figures of Hungarian history as its central site, which is right next to two notable places for the ones who like to appreciate art: the Museum of Fine Art and the Palace of Art, which showcase interesting and historical works of art by various artists such as Rembrandt and Goya;  and another is the Fisherman’s Bastion, a viewing terrace with many beautiful towers, which owes its name from the fishermen who protected the stretch of land it occupied in the Middle Ages.

Hungry? There are various restaurants around the city for a quick meal before more exploration.

You’d have seen many of Budapest’s great tourist spots by the time you need to hit the bus (or plane, or train) back to your original destination. A camera, a map and a bit of cash are just about all you need to have an awesome day trip to this amazingly carved city full of majesty and history.

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