You may be wondering what the difference is between a hotel and a hostel. Let me shed some light on the matter. While a hotel can be thought of when you think of the word luxury, a hostel can be most associated to the word budget. Sure there are a lot of hotels nowadays that are also on the more affordable side and you can get luxury, comfort and affordability in one. But a hostel is much more affordable and it is ideal for backpackers who just want a place to crash while they spend their whole day outside in the city exploring and enjoying all the sights and sound of the place.

Hostels can be likened to dorms. In Budapest, some of the dorms are even converted in hotels during the summer. So basically they follow the same set-up. A single room is usually occupied by a number of people. The number may depend on the type of hostel you are staying at. This calls for a more interactive environment as guests will be able to socialize with the guests staying in the same room as theirs. But of course the most important factor really is the budget.

With this type of set-up, the younger age group is the market that is much more drawn to it. Thus sometimes these are also called Youth Hostels. Don’t get worried though, if you are young at heart and would want to stay in a place where you can save up more for the actual trip around the city and would also want to have a more interactive and open environment, hostels can also be a place for you.

In Budapest, hostels are usually open 24 hours and there are no curfews and you don’t have to fear being locked out as these rules just don’t exist. So if all these things appeals to you, hostels is the best place for you to stay at. Learn about a good hostel in Budapest now and start planning that vacation.

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