When you are in for a long stay in Budapest, an apartment will be the best choice of stay for you. But this type of accommodation is so popular all over Europe that some even stay in apartments even if they are only there for the weekend. So, even if you’re just in the city for a few days, just keep your options open and consider staying in an apartment as one while enjoying the city of Budapest.

One thing’s for sure, staying in apartments just calls for greater flexibility. You can move more because it feels like your just home. If you want to cook, there is a kitchen where you can cop out your favorite dish and even try cooking a local cuisine yourself. You can also relax in the living room after a long day then retire to the bed room when it’s time to get some shut eye.

Apartments can be good for single occupants but also for a big group of 5. Some apartments even allow up to 7 persons to stay at one time. And you can have one room up to three rooms, depending of course on how many of your family/friends will be tagging along the trip.

If this type of accommodation has tickled your fancy, then you’re in luck because in Budapest there are a lot of apartments to choose from. If you have a lot to spend, then why not indulge in luxurious apartments. Some examples of these are the Adina Apartment Hotel, Mamaison Residence Isabella and Locust Tree Apartments. If you are one that is more concerned with the budget then there are also a lot of affordable apartments that you can try out. The Inn City Center, TO MA Apartments, King Apartments and Leslie Apartments are some of these.

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