One of the greatest treats about travelling is getting to shop in a foreign city. This would mean new finds, new souvenirs, new shopping experience and basically just new stuff for you. Everybody loves shopping. Who doesn’t? Shopping in a city you haven’t been to, or a city that is for away from home makes it extra special because of a lot of reasons.

One, you’ll find stuff that you don’t normally see at shopping centers at home. Two, you are now one among the very few, perhaps the only one, among family and friends who have this little treasure. And three, you have something to remember your trip by. When you are visiting Budapest it is best to keep yourself informed about the great shopping places where you can get the best souvenirs for you to keep or give away to loved ones.

For novelty items or products that Budapest is known for, there are key areas in the city where you can find all these. Most tourists visit the shopping spots in Pest which is in the center of the city. Váci utca is the place to be for great finds in Budapest. Historically it is known as the most expensive area of the city. But it definitely is worth it. Here you will find Hungarian pottery, lace, linens and other trinkets.

If you are looking for non-novelty shops or are looking for chain stores where you can buy usual products that you see in shopping centers, there are also shops in váci utca that cater to these. You will find shops like H&M, Estee Lauder, Clinique and C&A.

Another place to visit is the city’s plazas. Here you will see usual finds and these places offer many shops where you can buy good quality clothes. If you are more on shopping for gadgets and electronic items though, you must not fret. There are also a number of shops in Budapest where you can go to. Media Markt and Electro World are shops that are known to sell affordable items. The quality of the products sold may not be comparable as the expensive counterparts though.

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