Looking for a good place to eat out in Budapest? Budapest has a wide selection of restaurants that will satisfy your palate. There are different kinds of restaurants for different kinds of palates. Restaurants range from the garden restaurants where you can not only enjoy the sumptuous meals but also enjoy the magnificent garden view and there are also the affordable restaurants that are just right for the budget.

Whatever type you may want to try out, the most important thing is to be open-minded and be willing to try out the delicacies that the city has to offer. Try these great places and try out the menu that will surely leave you gastronomically satisfied.

Garden Restaurants

Budapest has many outside dining restaurants and most of these have lush green surroundings that will surely be a relaxing place to enjoy a good meal. The Jardinette Garden Restaurant is one of these. It is located in south Buda. During the summer months, menu from their grilled or barbecue section are the most popular. These you will be able to enjoy in dining area with full-length windows that shows a magnificent view of the garden. The Sun Garden Restaurant & Café is another example. It is located in the center of Obuda and offers international as well as Hungarian cuisines.

Affordable Restaurants
You don’t need to spend a lot just to enjoy good food in Budapest. There are also a number of good restaurants that very affordable. You can choose from fast food chains, food stalls and old-style restaurants that practice self-service. The Kisharang Étkezde is one very good restaurant that offers Hungarian cuisine at an affordable price. You must know thought that the place only has 5-6 tables so you must be prepared to share tables with other customers. The Platán Étterem also offers Hungarian cuisine and other delicacies at an affordable price. You will get to enjoy your meal in a pleasant atmosphere in this garden restaurant.

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