There are different types of clubs in Budapest that you can visit. If you are a music lover and would want to listen to some bands play while enjoying drinks with your friends, there are a lot of clubs that you can choose from. There are rock clubs, jazz clubs and even Latin music clubs.

Rocktogon and Wigwam Rock Club are some of the rock clubs in Budapest that you can go to. They offer concerts on some nights and there is always a rock party afterwards. The Rocktogon have their concerts Wednesday to Saturday, while Wigwam Rock Club have it on weekends. You may not want to miss out on going to Wigwam. It is considered as the most prestigious club in the whole country of Hungary. It is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Latin music clubs are known not only for their great latin music but also for their invigorating dance performances usually from the crowd itself. If you don’t know that much about Latin dance however, then Trocadero Café is the perfect place for you. There are dance lessons available just before the party. The Palacio de la Salsa is also a place where you can learn latin dance and they even offer free salsa lessons.

If jazz if more of your type of music, then you can visit places like Cotton Club, Piaf, and Jazz Garden Club & Restaurant. In Cotton Club you get to enjoy live music from the famous jazz band with the same name, the Cotton Club. They play every night except Sundays so you don’t have to worry about having to catch them. In the Piaf on the other hand, you will enjoy piano music while having drinks with your friends. And in the Jazz Garden, you not only get to enjoy good music but also good food.

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