After spending the whole day out and about in the city touring, seeing beautiful architecture, experiencing local culture, getting a taste of some local dishes, and taking hundreds of pictures of the entire trip, you may want to unwind with some bottles of beer to officially end the day. In this case, you can choose from Budapest’s wide array of bars that you can visit. Took a look at our picks.

Pezsego Bar is one of the places in Budapest where you can enjoy some drinks. It is a place that is very cozy and you can really enjoy just a relaxing night with your family or friends while taking sips of your choice of drinks. If you would want to enjoy listening to some music, there is a DJ playing tunes in their lounge.

If you would be going to the place on weekends, it is best to reserve a table beforehand. This place is known to be packed on weekends. If you want though, you can also explore the other bars in the place. Pezsego Bar is surrounded with different other bars that have something different to offer to customers.

Menta Terasz is another bar in Budapest that is worth checking out. Aside from being a place where you can meet with friends for some drinks, it is also a place where you can enjoy good food and a nice view as they have a nice garden. The bar is located in Margit Körut, one of the busiest roads on the Buda side. You don’t have to worry though because despite its location, it is still a good place to hang out.

Bar Domby is considered as one of the classiest bars in the city. It can be likened to a bar that you would see in metropolitan cities like New York. They bar offers world class drinks so any tourist would enjoy their night out in this spot. The place also has a very nice interior so it feels very cozy. The place is usually crowded even during the weekdays, so be sure to come early or reserve a table beforehand.

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