Budapest is considered as one of the main cultural centers of Europe. Because of this you will be able to witness various cultural events if you are in the city. One of these events are classical music concerts.

The city has a rich musical history which includes famous classical composers Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók, Erno Dohnányi, and Zoltán Kodály and also opera composer Ferenc Erkel. Since before, the city has always played a vital part in the state’s music. This is partly due to the number of musical institutions available in the city. And not just ordinary music schools but prestigious schools that are not only known in the city but also known internationally. Among these are Nemzeti Filharmónia, Hungarian State Orchestra and the Hungarian State Opera.

The city also holds a number of music festivals that are sure shot crowd pleasers and draw out audiences coming from all around the world.

The National Táncház Festival and Fair or Táncháztalálkozó is one of these. It was given the title of Excellent Folklore Festival by the Hungarian Festival Association in 2010. This festival features traditional musicians and folk artists that showcase their local traditions. Several dance groups like neophyte folk dancers, dance-house bands and dance teachers also participate in the event. Aside from the performances the event features traditional music concerts and trade fairs that include traditional crafts as well as recordings and publications.

Performances from the Budapest Festival Orchestra are also greatly attended and eagerly anticipated in Budapest. It was originally formed by Iván Fischer and Zoltán Kocsis in 1983. It is known give quality performances from top notch musicians brought out by the festival’s intensive rehearsals and high standards. Because of their great contribution to Hungary’s music history, the orchestra was declared a national institution in 2003. You can catch several concerts all throughout the year in different musical venues around the city. Some of these venues where other orchestra and companies also perform are The Liszt Academy of Music, Almássy Square Leisure Centre and Petofi Hall.

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