Budapest is home to nearly a hundred magnificent museums of fine art. It would take someone weeks to explore every single one of them. But if you’re the type who likes going museum-hopping, by all means, be our guest!

There are the large, popular ones like the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum), the largest museum in Hungary that houses several permanent exhibitions, including the Crown of St Stephen, the first king of Hungary and the Coronation Jewels, the History of Hungary from St Stephen to the Millennium and History of Hungary in the 20th century; the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépmuvészeti Múzeum); the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparmuvészeti Múzeum); the Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum); the Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galéria); the House of Terror (Terror Háza Múzeum), where you can learn about the Nazi and Communist regimes in Hungary; the Museum of Ethnography; the Hungarian Natural History Museum (Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum) and the Aquincum Museum.

The smaller lesser-known museums are the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Art (Hopp Ferenc Kelet-ázsiai Múzeum), the Kiscell Museum, the Béla Bartók Memorial House (Bartók Béla Emlékház), the Nagytétény Castle Museum (Nagytétény Kastély Múzeum), Bath Museum (Fürdo Múzeum), Underground Railway Museum (Földalatti Vasúti Múzeum), the Tomb of Gül Baba (Gül Baba Sírja), and the Jewish Museum (Zsidó Múzeum).

There are also museums for families and children, the Children’s Railway Museum (Gyermekvasút Múzeum), the Transport Múzeum (Közlekedési Múzeum), the Hungarian Railway Museum (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park), the Fire Brigade Museum and the Museum of Trade and Tourism (Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum).

Every museum you go to is sure to boast of new and wonderful things you’ve never seen before. One simply cannot go to these places without a camera in hand! Shoot away and tell your friends about your experience in the magnificent city of Budapest.

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