Budapest for Free

So you finally were able to book your ticket to Budapest, got a good accommodation to stay at for a few days and packed your bags for the trip. You have one concern though, you are on a tight budget but you would not want to waste away the trip just staying indoors and would still want to explore the city. Fret not, you will still be able to enjoy the wonderful city of Budapest even on a tight budget. You can even get some walking tours for free. Yes you read it right. There are a number of free walking tours available in Budapest. If you just know where to go you will surely have the most pleasant and most memorable vacation in Budapest.

The Budapest Walking Tour is the tour that started it all. This is among the first walking tours that was made available for locals and tourists alike. The best part of it is you won’t have to spend a single penny because it’s for free. The walking tour starts at 10:30 AM everyday and meets at the lion fountain at the Vörösmarty square (tér). The tour lasts for 2 and a half hours and you would get to experience Budapest’s history, architecture and society.

You would really get to see for yourselves what the Hungarians are like and get to see a glimpse of their beautiful culture. The 2 hour walk is around the main spots in Buda and Pest. Another great thing about the tour is they even give you an orientation where you can also enjoy other activities in Budapest for free, they give out tips where you can eat out on a tight budget.

Other free walking tours are the Jewish Quarter and Best Pubs tour and the Communist Walking Tour. These two tours also meet at the lion fountain in Vörösmarty square (tér) and start at 3:30 PM.

If you would want to explore the city on your own though, you can also do so. You’ll just need to spend money on a good map and then you’re good to go. Who says you need to have tons of money to make your travel a good one. In Budapest, you can explore the city for free.

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