Budapest has several festivals all year ‘round, and if you find the time to get on a bus, plane or train to the capital city of Hungary, you might like to check these celebrations out.

First on the list is the Budapest Spring Festival, the largest cultural festival in Budapest. It offers a wide array of programs which include classical music concerts, dance shows, theatre performances, dance and other unique exhibitions that are sure to amaze you. This festival runs from the last week of March to the beginning of April every year.

Another festival you should see is the Budapest Fringe Festival, which is held on the last two days of the Spring Festival and aims to introduce lesser known artists both from Hungary and foreign countries.

Next up is the Titanic International Film Festival. The first Titanic Film Festival was held in 1994. In 2006, Titanic became a competition-based festival. Every year, the movies shown at the festival are categorized according to certain themes and categories.

The aim of the Titanic Film Festival is “to collect a wide variety of daringly new, original, and trend-breaking motion pictures from every possible corner of the world; be it dark comedies, emotionally charged drama, genre films, or documentaries.”

The Breaking Waves, which is the film festival’s award was designed by artist Luca Görömbe. It is given to the festival’s most outstanding, innovative, and daring film of the year. This festival is a must-go for all film and art enthusiasts.

Another festival is the Museum Festival. More than 100 museums from all over Hungary will be present on this weekend festival in mid-May, which takes place in the garden and building of the Hungarian National Museum and showcases a craft fair, musical programs and folk performances.

Next up is the Night of Museums, which happens in mid-June, where all the museums in Budapest and Hungary give colorful performances all night.

More festivals are the Floralia Festival at Aquincum Óbuda, National Gallop, BudaFest Summer Opera and Ballet Festival, Open Air Summer Festival, Summer Music Festival in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest Space Film Music Festival, Danube Carnival (a must-see!), International Book Festival Budapest, Festive Book Week, Summer on the Chain Bridge, Festival of Folk Arts, Jewish Summer Festival , Budapest Baroque Music Festival, Budapest Autumn Festival and so many others.

If you plan to live in Budapest, there is sure to be a festival every month to keep you entertained and fascinated by the city’s majesty.

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