Top Attractions

Face it: an excursion to Budapest just wouldn’t be complete without exploring all the tourist destinations it has to offer. Here are some suggestions to help you decide where to go in the city of Budapest. First up, consider that the tourist destinations in Budapest are concentrated on Castle Hill, downtown Pest and along the riverside walkways.

If you decide to head to castle hill, go see the Royal Palace, which is a Mecca for tourists in Budapest. It is home to the National Gallery, which holds a huge collection of paintings; the Fisherman’s Bastion and lookout terrace which allows you to take in a breathtakingly impressive view of the Danube to the Pest; and the Matthias Church (Church of Our Lady), which is currently under construction.

Other than the Royal Palace, you can also find a number of museums on the Castle Hill, namely: The Historical Museum of Budapest, which holds an exhibition of medieval Budapest and the history of the Royal Palace; the Music Museum, where you’ll find musical instruments and the Bartok archive; the Military Museum, where you’ll see military-related artifacts from as early as the 11th century; the Marzipan Museum; Pharmacy Museum, which holds a vast collection of pharmaceutical objects from the Renaissance and Baroque eras and lastly the Museum of Medieval Judaism where you’ll see the medieval Jewish objects of Buda.

Along the Danube River, you’ll find the Danube Bridges. These bridges, especially the Chain Bridge are remarkably attractive and they just make you want to prance around the riverbank. You will have your breath taken away by the view on these bridges you’ll see from the Citadella on Gellert Hill.

Next up is downtown Pest. This place is the city’s administrative and marketing center, so expect to find this section of Budapest to be one that’s bustling with business and life. You will also find museums here, such as the Holocaust Memorial Centre, and Ludwig Museum of Modern Art, among others. Make sure to see the Parliament Building, where you can get guided tours in; St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum.

Other notable landmarks in Budapest are the State Opera House, the House of Terror, the City Park that holds the Heroes’ Square and Museum of Fine Arts, Statue Park, Bartok’s House, Ernst Museum, Houst of the Future, Victor Vasarely Museum, Liszt Museum, Aquincum and Gul Baba Turbeje.

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