The city of Budapest is a fine synergy of both the distant past and the visible present. Here, you can not only live with and feel the current age, but also know how it’s like before we even existed, with its intricate blend of historic and traditional landmarks and big yet friendly metropolis.

Being the capital of Hungary, Budapest is also the country’s largest city. True to its name as the capital it is also the focal point of the country’s political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation aspects. Within the city’s borders, Budapest covers a total area of 525 square kilometers. The city is divided into the two banks of the River Danube, which runs through it. Back then, the river did serve as a borderline between two cities, one at the right bank and the other at the left side of the Danube. These two were then unified into one last November 17, 1873.

Budapest is also known to be among Central Europe’s most significant and rapidly rising economic centers, being ranked 3rd of 65 on Mastercard’s Emerging Markets Index last 2008. Not only that, this city is also dubbed as one of the most livable cities in Central and Eastern Europe based on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) quality of life index in 2009 and 2010. Budapest also ranks highest among 100 Central and Eastern European cities, in the Innovation Cities’ index, among other specialist rankings.

Not missing out in terms of industry, many industrial facilities can be located in Budapest. Among its main products are communication and computer appliances, electric machines, and incandescent lamps under General Electric (GE). Pharmaceutical companies also make up some of the bulk of Budapest’s economy, with Egis, Richter Gedeon and Chinoin companies being found here. Also based in this city is Malev Hungarian Airlines.

The city of Budapest, on a closing note, is well-known for being a significant hub for services, financial counseling, money transactions, commercial and estate services, and trade and logistic services. Worth mentioning are also Budapest’s tourism and catering, as it contains many restaurants, bars, coffee houses and other party places.

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