The Magic Of Danube River

The Danube River is Europe’s second longest river and touches the borders of ten countries. It flows through four national capitals, one of which is Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The Danube flows through the middle of Budapest and divides it into two parts. There is the Buda side, and the Pest side. The Buda side is the more traditional side, while the Pest side is a bit more stylish. From the river there are some great views of Budapest and some famous bridges.

Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

This international waterway was once the route of emperors and kings. They used the river for travel and transport. It is culturally and historically important and has many landmarks. This area is known for their hospitality and wine. Some of the river is best seen by canoes or boats only. There are tours and cruises of the city that can be taken on the river. There are famous castles, palaces and residences that can be seen. You can observe the beauty of the Danube River from a boat, bike or a walk.

There are some things that are worth seeing while on a walk. You can reach it by public transport or taxi, and it’s also possible to hire a Budapest airport taxi service that takes you directly to a nearby address. You don’t have to pay in advance and there are no extra charges for night transfers.

There is the Liberty bridge adorned with mythical eagles and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge trimmed with lions. There are a series of bridges that were rebuilt after destruction of WWII. There is the Margaret Island that is in central Budapest and is ideal for picnics and festivals. Danube Bend is just north of Budapest and worth seeing. River ships often dock for the day and do not leave until night in order to see the beautiful view of the lights along the river. There are green fields that border the river, forests and vineyards.

The river winds through beautiful towns. There is a dinner cruise or a day trip. Each offers a scenic panorama view. There are several cruise departures throughout the day, year around. You can take a relaxing evening walk and see some of the best sights from land and water. The whole area is amazing after dark. If you get a chance, walk cross the bridges on foot and take the cruise. There are wonderful sites to see, warm people to meet, great gifts to buy, beautiful art and architecture.

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